Connecticut Shooting

19 Dec

After thinking about what occurred last week with the shooting in Connecticut, it pains me to think about the horror that those children went through that survived, and also for those families who lost their children. I could not help but just cry with grief over this. So how do we make at least some sense of this? I’ve gathered by thoughts about this incident.

First in order to obtain some sense of this what we need is a complete holistic biblical mindset of what goes on. So where was God at a time when there were 20 children and at least 6 adults killed by a crazy individual? We must realize something though. When things like this happen they remind us of what we should have been thinking about already. That is, that everybody dies. Now, not everyone dies in a classroom full of other people who are of the same age. The fact is yesterday more than 20 children died in America also and the day before, and the day before that. It didn’t seem to bother us then because they didn’t all die in one room or at one time. When something like this happens where a bunch of people were killed at one time it makes the news and we say “where is God”? But once again, the day before this tragedy happened more than 20 children died also and their parents were also probably thinking “where is God”, but we weren’t. If we had been thinking about those children in America who died the day before maybe not to a gumen but maybe due to diseases, or accidents, or other criminal type activities we would have to say “I don’t know why that child had to die in that way in that time”. But we do know that it is appointed unto man once to die. Some people die as children, teenagers, or as young people or of old age but one thing they all have in common – they all die. The other thing they all have in common is they all stand before God after they die and receive from Him whatever is appropriate.

Now, a child who dies as far as I am concerned dies on good terms with God even though children are born with a propensity towards sin. I believe that children are born without the guilt of sin upon them from any previous ancestor. Therefore, the children who died at this tragedy died terribly but rather quickly. Now I am not trying to lessen what happened because this tragedy was grievous and horrific. But there are other children who have died of cancer and other painful diseases that drag on for weeks and months. The parents of many children had to witness the suffering of their children day by day. You don’t hear much about these children who die from these diseases in the news. We could ask the same question of why these children had to die the way that they do. The fact is we just don’t know why God allowed these children to die and other children God allowed to live. It may be that God decided to take these children home very early due to other times in these children’s lives where they would suffer even greater or maybe become people who think it is appropriate to harm other people. Therefore, God took these children home very early. There are many reasons God has for taking them home.

Some christian teachers often preach that God promises to protect those who trust in Him. Well, of course when we read God’s promises of protection, that does not mean forever. The fact is everyone is going to die. If God protected all people who trusted in Him forever, none of them would die. He would have to protect them from sickness, war, poverty, accidents, criminal attacks or all those things that kill people. God never made a blanket promise that His followers would be protected forever.

This tragedy also reminds us of how evil people can be and how crazy life apart from God is. I guarantee this person who caused this tragedy was not a christian. People who live for God do not go around shooting other innocent people. What we have in this tragedy is a graphic illustration of how far people who do not know God may go into destruction of other people’s lives and their own since he killed himself to.

Now God is not obligated to protect people forever from such things. You and I are going to die unless He returns while we are alive. It’s possible that we could die at the hands of a shooter, or a drunk driver, or some disease. This could happen today or any day. This is reality. It’s not until there is some kind of tragedy like this that awakens people to the reality that we should be aware of all the time. We should be aware of this everyday. There are many people who die everyday to horrendous crimes, deadly diseases etc.

In the book of Psalms, David continuously wrote about wicked people preying on the innocent. Job’s children were killed in one day. His property was robbed by bad people. When God wants to protect, he does. In fact, most othese children in this tragedy were protected. There were some that were not. We do not know why. The thing is God has the right when to cash in our ticket. We are all going to go sometime. When we do go, however we may whether by accident, disease, criminal activity, our parents, children, spouses will still ask the question, “why”?

Now, I know that our government is trying to work on passing gun control laws. I don’t believe that is the solution. First, criminals don’t care about laws or guns. If the only guns that cold have been obtained were illegal in this tragedy what does he care if he gets caught with illegal guns? He’s going to shoot himself anyway. Even if guns were banned, there are other ways to harm the innocent. The real issue is that a change must occur in people’s hearts. Demonic powers have been let loose in this country. We see these type of tragedies happen more often.

Make no mistake, this tragedy is heartbreaking, and horrific. This is the time for the church of God to comfort those families as best as we can, and help with their needs during this awful time.

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